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artmilena - original abstract art by Milena Bojkova
Beauty exists in all things, look with the eyes of love and you will see it. Open yourself to new ways of looking at the ordinary and you will find nothing is ordinary. A tree, flower, rock or person are all unique, individual expressions of consciousness. Let your eyes gaze with softness upon the field of life. You may be surprised at what shows up.

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I am a self-taught artist specializing in abstract paintings. Abstract art has many definitions but is generally considered the aesthetic use of: form, texture and color to depict a subject rather than a "realistic duplication".

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

Through painting I am able to convey feelings and thoughts about my life's experiences and the world we live in. I grew up in Bulgaria and have experienced two very different societies. My paintings are inspired by a perspective of spirituality and love. Abstract painting is my voice to speak about the common points , contrasting situations and my dreams. Equally important, is my love of decoration where I find abstract art to coincide with the style of today's dual world. I hope you enjoy my paintings and encourage you to share your views of art with me.

Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul.
Vincent Van Gogh

Painting has providing a venue for expressing my life’s experiences and viewpoints on today’s society. I’ve chosen the abstract form as it additionally allows me to create pieces that fit into the d├ęcor of any living space allowing the viewer an option of using art as a centerpiece or more subtly blending in with its surroundings. My initial paintings were created with this perspective. My art reflects my view on the imperfections of each society, the promise and disappointments of human relationships, the beauty of nature and the intricacies of spirituality. These topics inspire my work along with the objective of creating an explanation that is pleasant in itself.

Milena Bojkova was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At the age of 23, Milena immigrated to Canada at the end of the communist regime in her home country. Ms. Bojkova has worked in the decoration, furniture design, clothing design and entertainment industries in both Bulgaria and Canada. Milena works in the acrylic on canvas medium. Milena has now combined her technical skills and a natural gift in design to focus on abstract art paintings and lighting up a new higher consciousness on our beloved planet Earth.

When travelling the path of life, and finding love along the way, Everything looks new and different. Little do you know it is the same old landscape you used to see all of the time... Love has just given you new eyes..., copyright 2012, 2013
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